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Ava Anderson Non Toxic Bonus

Back in 2009, 15-year-old Ava Anderson, together with the help of her parents, acquired a lineup of non-toxic skincare products and founded an organization to market and promote them.
That company was Ava Anderson nontoxic and it promptly became successful.

Ava's focus was that the notion that most products on the market comprise unhealthy or toxic chemicals, even those which are marketed to be natural.
Consequently, the products out of Ava Anderson Non Toxic were designed to be entirely free of potentially harmful chemicals and toxins.

There is, and still is, considerable demand for this type of product -- together with lots of families wanting to reduce their exposure to chemicals as far as you can.
But, finding reliable and safe products is easier said than done. Consequently, Ava's product vary quickly became popular.

Ava Anderson Non Toxic operated underneath the typical MLM model, where distributors earn commissions for making sales and for recruiting others.
And, by most accounts, the business was a rousing success, with all the range of providers fast growing.
More Details:

From 2014, the company offered 11 different products along with 75 different products. The yearly revenue for this year was $200 million, a growth of more than 300% in contrast to 2013.
Moreover, there were well over 7,500 individual distributors promoting these products.

The company also received various awards and fame, for example being considered one of the'coolest college start-ups' for 2015.

Coolest College Startup

At its most successful, there were far more than 12,000 Ava Anderson consultants throughout the nation. The business also earned millions in profit and contributed a significant amount .

Such success will occur while within the MLM world but it's still relatively infrequent. And, the young age of this creator also made this type of particularly powerful story of the entrepreneurial spirit.
For that thing, Ava's age established some unusual challenges within her company success, because she was too young to sign contracts for a lot of the company's growth.

The Sudden Collapse

At the end of 2015 and first of 2016, Ava Anderson Non Toxic was about a high growth track and revealed no signs of slowing .
Indeedthe demand for safe products stayed strong which fueled the prevalence of the business.

All signs suggested that it could continue growing. Yet, which wasn't exactly happened. As an alternative, the business closed its doors unexpectedly in 2016, offering very little details about why.

Your family, including Ava Anderson herself, also refused to answer questions, although more information became evident as time went on. In particular, you will find three key areas that seem to have led to this abrupt decision.


The most important reason behind the company's closing was that Ava and her family were being harassed, both offline and online. This type of pattern isn't so strange, particularly as anybody victorious brings their talk of bitterness.

Harassment Difficulties

What makes harassment at the MLM business is a little interesting in my own opinion.
MLM is often compared to being a pyramid scheme that may only survive due to unethical distributors hawking low-quality, expensive products.
In reality, I've said almost exactly such things on my own, personal website. But , I limit my criticisms into my website, and do not contact people via social networking or personally.

But also for individuals who lose money in a small business venture, then they create take their displeasure to the following level.
I'm not saying this is what harassment they are speaking about, however I am saying that I could imagine it happening if people were losing money promoting Ava Anderson products.

A related element is simply Ava's era. At the time of the company's closed, Ava has been 21 and it is easy to realize how hard any harassment may have been around to get her.
Spending her life from the spotlight has been probably never Ava's goal and bullying could have made that situation excruciating.

Her age might have made the family more likely to pull out. By comparison, an organization having a far more seasoned entrepreneur could possibly have chosen to withstand the harassment.

The Products Ava Anderson

But to say that harassment has been the only basis for the organization's shutdown could be unrealistic. There were questions about a few of these products that were produced, together with claims that they included things which Ava Anderson non-toxic was meant to be avoiding.

This is particularly significant when it comes to dish soap the business produced. One blogger by your website believed the soap performed too well for the things it comprised.

Dish Soap

Consequently, the blogger needed the soap analyzed independently and learned that it had been basically only ordinary dish soap which was tagged as organic and non hazardous.
This particular finding was highlighted again and again, adding by news outlets, which labeled the issue as greenwashing.

You will find other controversies too -- and the further questions there have been about these products, the greater it impacted the reputation of the provider.
This issue could have also directly contributed to the harassment which Ava and her family received.

The company also confirmed the presence of a few issues in their statement, saying that some providers violated their contracts and included unauthorized ingredients. Notably though, they mentioned'several' products, which shows that most were fine.

Manufacturer Violations

Yes, this is a regarding result. However, it's not really as bad as the headlines policy suggested.
Any large company will run into this problem every once in awhile, since they have to outsource much of their work to manufacturers.
By way of example, Chipotle found myself in enormous trouble in 2015 within a norovirus outbreak in their restaurants which originated from lettuce.

Vetting organizations more could have helped to decrease this issue butthen, the best procedures in the world are never entirely effective.

There is also no signs which Ava Anderson or her family proved ever intentionally greenwashing. If this were the case, there will probably be more misleading products than simply a few.
Bearing that in mind, most of the products that the company produced were exactly what they promised to become.

Difficulties with Distributors

One other difficulty was that distributors were sometimes misrepresenting the provider, making some claims that weren't correct.
This is just actually really a major problem that lots of MLMs have faced, including Herbalife and Young living essential oils, where individuals started fueling health benefits to be able to offer products at any cost.

Afterall, the MLM design usually means that people are often getting money by making sales of items they already purchased therefore that they really want to unload these products and make a profit.
Without extensive sales experience, no devotion to this brand or company strength it's not shocking that some of these individuals will say anything they want to sell products.

Can Ava Anderson Non Hazardous Have To Close?

In various methods, the company could have regained. Yes, Ava Anderson Non Toxic failed lose much of its reputation on account of the problems experienced and it would have noticed a decline in earnings.
However this type of controversy isn't that rare. With enough transparency, the business might have regained its own image.

If nothing else, Ava Anderson herself is youthful and youthful. Individuals would be prone to trust in her despite the issues, especially if she had been honest about what went wrong and why.
Nevertheless, it's easy to see why the company make the decision it did. Ava is young and also the offender and stress from the issues may have readily seemed overwhelming.
The Current Company

Since the meltdown, Ava Anderson Non Toxic has rebranded and started because PUREhaven ESSENTIALS. The key direction of this business is still exactly the same, even though Ava and her family no longer seem to be concerned.
Additionally, the core focus remains unchanged, so the aim is to supply products that have few to no chemicals.

Avoiding Chemicals

When some products are alike, if perhaps not the same, there are also some variations and the product lineup has also decreased in proportion.
Another key distinction is that the business is currently USDA Certified, that wasn't the case for Ava Anderson nontoxic.


There is also an emphasis on creating these products inhouse. Doing this should reduce the risk of similar controversies occurring again.
This does mean the company has more control over its products compared to many competitors.

Internally Production

In a lot of ways, it looks like PUREhaven ESSENTIALS has learned by the mistakes of Ava Anderson non-toxic, while still taking advantage of that company's history and supplier foundation.
Regardless, it's far too early to learn how well PUREhaven ESSENTIALS will do and if it'll soon be able to recuperate from its past.

What Does This Mean?

Every business differs and Ava Anderson non-toxic faced some unique challenges.
None the less, the sudden meltdown of this organization has important implications for this type of business model -- and also anybody earning profits as a result.

If you are a distributor for any MLM, then you're earning money off just two things -- sales and recruitment. Both of those areas are strongly tied into the achievement of the company. For that issue, you remain entirely dependent on the business regardless of how successful you're inside it.

As a result of this, any dramatic change will directly affect your potential to generate money. In the instance of Ava Anderson that shift was that the company closing altogether and rebranding.

It isn't clear what happened to distributors if they shifted to promoting PUREhaven ESSENTIALS.

For anybody earning a decent income from Ava Anderson, this shift might have been devastating. In particular, high rank distributors are generally working in their business full-time, or close to it.
A number of them may well not have even a traditional occupation or another revenue stream. Because of this, suppliers because position might have lost their entire income source instantly.

I've read many stories about direct sales organizations shutting through the night, or hanging out top vendors due to internal conflicts.
It's definitely not an uncommon story. This is why its important to build your own brand. At the top of the, in my own opinion, it is necessary to only work with organizations that enable you to promote several services simultaneously.

Some direct sales businesses require exclusivity! While that might look like not really a major deal while in the present time, it might possibly be a enormous issue if a provider makes the decision to pull the rug from under you at a certain time.
That will leave you in precisely the same position to be fired!

But as a self-branded person with an internet organization, even if businesses proceed, your company will still flourish.

You are probably no stranger to the notion of multiple streams of revenue. A site can make money through Google advertising, direct sales, internet online affiliate marketing, selling your own ebooks/products, and sometimes even selling your own services. You can still promote green products however, you end up with considerably more control on your longterm success.

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