"AdStage is still a powerful reporting tool"

What do you enjoy best?

AdStage has advanced reporting capabilities which are extremely simple to use. Thier onboarding and coaching procedure is powerful. Their customer service staff operates on a higher degree than every other company I've worked together in both my business and personal life. The automation interrupts a lot of roadblocks I've been running into with restricted time/budgets for clients using paid social networking advertisements. The reports are beautiful along with the interactive abilities on the Web View alternative have made lots of my clients very satisfied.

What do you dislike?

The'Handle' section is a bit bulky and not as user-friendly since the'Report' and'Automate' section. It feels just like 90 percent of the efforts are put in both of the other areas and also the'Handle' section is sort of workout. Although the other two segments are the primary reason I'm utilizing the platform, it's a place which can prove very helpful to keep a pulse on your company as a whole, however only as long as the widget personalization, date range, and also table customization were enhanced considerably and the option to save your preferences was contained.
Tips to other people contemplating the Item

I know it's not entirely your choice, but bring on Snapchat! Also, clean up that'Management' section. More widget customization, and allow me to save my preferences so I do not need to readjust everything should I click away.

What business problems are you solving using this item? What benefits have you realized?

The first problem AdStage has solved and my group is time. We're a bootstrapped marketing bureau, therefore each hour counts. AdStage automated reporting & effort rotations save team an average of 17 hours each week. That alone makes the price of this platform worthwhile for my service. The largest problem I have resolved with AdStage is overcoming the utter lack of automation and visual reporting abilities through compensated social networking ads. Facebook does not offer tools such as this to their own advertisers, but AdStage has stepped with high-level API access to the Facebook and Instagram platforms. The automation tools have enabled me to alter how I approach clients with bigger budgets and allowed me to better provide great results for a limited budget.

"Clean & Simple to Use"

What do you enjoy best?

Much like different programs, AdStage makes it easy to manage campaigns across several unique platforms. AdStage offers a clean dashboard to manage, create and test campaigns. It is quite simple but I actually like the folder feature so that I can easily set similar campaigns across stations. In addition, I have had great customer support from our rep.

What do you dislike?

AdStage is fresh and easy, but doesn't own a great deal of bells and whistles you might find in different platforms. Additionally, the recently made some adjustments to how Twitter is made and handled (essentially making it so you can just analyze, not edit or create ) which is not ideal. I also have needed to reconnect unique programs from time to time which is easy but somewhat annoying. Overall though, none of these are major problems.
Recommendations to other people contemplating the product

If you are seeking a platform which lets you easily manage campaigns across many platforms, AdStage functions for you. There are other options out there that are more advanced though for seasoned marketers.

What business problems are you solving using this item? What advantages have you realized?

We're running a number of awareness and lead gen campaigns across various platforms, both search and social. AdStage is now it is easy to rapidly edit and launch campaigns. The accounts are also rather straightforward to make and edit, that has really helped to reduce time.

"AdStage brings campaign direction to a new level"

What do you like best?

The overall feature set and that they last innovating/moving forward at a rapid pace. In the beginning, that this UX was a mess but the attributes made it rewarding. The UX and rate also have come a longlong way. In addition, AdStage (I think JD Prather) produces a newsletter on the advertisement media space that I've found valuable.

What do you really dislike?

UX is getting better but still requires some polishing. UI is a small non-intuitive in areas.

Recommendations to others contemplating the product

Of all of the solutions we reviewed, we discovered AdStage to be the one which felt most functional if that is reasonable. At the time, AdStage w/ in beta, and also while the UX wanted work, it actually felt much more polished that lots of the others.. .and throughout our evaluations, everything seemed - that might appear strange, however we ran into so many issues with others (some little, some significant ), that AdStage just felt comfortable.
What business problems are you solving using this item? What benefits have you realized?

We are a small agency and have found AdStage beneficial concerning unifying campaign management and reporting capabilities.

"Best Agency Level Scheduling & Rules Tool"
What do you enjoy best?

As a service we greatly utilize and rely on the rule and scheduling based automation features of AdStage to assist us handle over 300 customer Facebook Ad Accounts. These two departments alone have freed around 300 hours 2017 that I now devote to client satisfaction, service enhancements and much more.

What do you dislike?

I am still working on loving the reporting capability of AdStage. Visually appealing reports are extremely important to me and that I struggle with the vertical spacing issue I am coming across.

Recommendations to other people contemplating the Item

As an agency we've found it best to setup our rules and scheduling around naming conventions of the campaign names, ad accounts, ad sets / advertising groups, etc.. You will save yourself some rebuilding time should you sit down and plan that before really building out a full execution of AdStage

What business problems are you solving with the item? What advantages have you realized?

Before locating AdStage I would spend a few hours of the day going through someplace in the area of 100 different ad accounts to monitor a number of metrics. Almost all of this time has been wasted since not every ad account required to be reviewed each and every moment. Fast forward to roughly a year after registering for AdStage and also our firm handles over 300 different advertisement accounts. AdStage is the instrument we use to understand once an account needs to be looked at.

In 2017 our attention was exclusively focused on Facebook advertising. In 2018 we're presenting remarketing opportunities for our clients using Google. AdStage is going to be instrumental in our ability to double our support offerings without having to double our team to manage the excess platform.

The true bottom line is that AdStage enables us to be efficient with our time. AdStage enables us to be more accurate by which customers will need to be looked at and specifically the reason why they have to get considered.

More details: https://www.socialleadfreak.com/adstage-vs-connectexplore-review

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