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VidSting Pro Review

I understand how it feels to invest hours creating and editing videos for YouTube. You submit them, wait a couple of days, just to discover that you're getting really little views ... It sucks!

That's why I'm writing this VidSting review. It fixes the most significant issue you, me and every other person creating YouTube videos faces ...

Getting your videos to the top of YouTube and drawing in crazy quantities of complimentary views from individuals who are searching for your content.

It works exceptionally well, and you'll have a clear benefit over your competitors.

Or, keep reading to discover how in my complete evaluation and walk-through listed below.

What is VidSting Pro?

Video Blaster is a simple to use software that quickly discovers all the keywords (words and expressions) people are using to browse YouTube for videos in your specific niche.

From there, it let's you know which keywords your video can easily appear for at the top of YouTube, as well as the approximated variety of complimentary views you can obtain from it monthly.

After selecting the keywords you want, Video Blaster Pro then creates a title, description and tags that are completely optimized for the keyword, to assist your video show up at the top of YouTube once it's submitted.

Now that you understand what it does, let's get into the VidSting Pro evaluation and take a look at the highlights to see why it's so excellent.

Note: In this VidSting Pro Review, I have actually likewise consisted of images showing a fast test I have actually done using VidSting. I've chosen to submit a fast test video in the webhosting niche (known to be very competitive).

I found a keyword that's "easy" to rank at the top of YouTube, according to VidSting. And proceeding to publish it with the enhanced title, description and tags as provided by the software.

The result: The video struck the number 1 spot within days of publishing it.

Quick VidSting Review Summary

  • New Keyword Discovery
  • SEO Optimized YouTube Description Generator
  • Niche Analysis


VidSting Pro is the ideal tool for you to discover a lot of easy to rank YouTube keywords in every niche ... Keywords you most likely didn't even know exist. The specific niche analysis lets you quickly spy on your rivals and provides you a clear breakdown of what to do to your video to rank in the top positions and enjoy free views. The YouTube description generator will make creating perfectly optimized descriptions practically immediate and a pain-free experience.


  • Keyword Discovery
  • Easy to Utilize
  • YouTube Video Description Generator
  • Niche Analysis


Traffic quotes could be enhanced

Take a look at the Discounted Rate

Main Characteristics

# 1 The Keyword Finder

Finding the right keywords and then optimizing your videos for those keywords is necessary if you wish to have any success in YouTube. Particularly if you don't have a lot of fans and customers. Video Blaster Pro's keyword finder will get you numerous keywords for your video.

All you need to do is get in the subject of your video and in minutes you'll have a list of keywords related to your video that people are actively utilizing to browse YouTube.

VidSting keyword finder tool

In the above image, I have actually gone into in a random phrase related to web hosting. VidSting then tackled discovering dozens of related keywords which I might pick to rank for.

Ultimately I decided on the keyword "fast safe and secure WordPress hosting". A keyword that has 5 970 other YouTube videos published, that are attempting to rank for it.

After selecting the keyword, it was time for me to head to the niche analysis area to get an in-depth report of how simple it would be to rank at the top of YouTube.

# 2 Accurate Analysis

Let Video Blaster Pro discover you the very best and most convenient keywords to get your videos to the top of YouTube quick, so you can enjoy a lots of free views.

This is one of my favorite functions of Video Blaster Pro. Understanding which keywords to target when you publish your video is already half the battle won. Get it right and you can easily get hundreds of views simply days after publishing your video.

Video Blaster Pro looks at your selected keywords, then analyses all the top videos that are presently showing for them at the top of YouTube.

VIDSTING thorough analysis

In the extensive niche analysis you can see all the top ranked YouTube videos of your competitors broken down, so you can see exactly how well optimized they are for your keyword.

I don't really pay much attention to this area. The Ranking Report in the next image is what matters to me.

VidSting Pro creates a ranking report which shows you how simple it will be for your video to outrank your rivals and appear in the top areas.

However, it doesn't stop there. It likewise reveals you how many views you can anticipate monthly from those keywords, along with what you can do to improve the rankings.

Ranking Report

From the ranking report, "quick and secure WordPress hosting" need to be easy to rank for.

Finally, the Analysis area of Video Blaster Pro will likewise reveal you if it will be simple for your video to appear on the first page of Google, so you can get even more free views to your videos.

For this test I wasn't truly interested in ranking the video in Google. VidSting Pro states it would be hard to do, and my video sucks, so I'm not anticipating any income from it.

# 3 Automated Optimization for Top YouTube Rankings

Here's where the magic occurs. I do not learn about you, but I dislike composing descriptions and trying to find tags for my YouTube videos. It gets old rather quickly needing to compose a 300+ word description for every single video upload. Nevertheless, you can't neglect it due to the fact that the title, description and tags you choose are crucial for getting ranked highly in YouTube.

Luckily, VidSting does all the heavy lifting for you. Once you have chosen the keyword you want to enhance your video for, VidSting rapidly produces a completely enhanced title and description, in addition to highly pertinent tags for the keyword.

All you then need to do is merely copy and paste them when you publish your video.

YouTube SEO with VidSting

This section makes optimizing your videos truly simple. All I did was use the titles, tags and description created by VidSting, and after that included a few lines about the webhosting company I'm promoting. This whole procedure took less than 2 minutes. It can normally take an hour if you do it by hand.

You can also quickly edit these fields and select from a list of much more VidSting created titles, tags and descriptions if you wish.

I have actually tried and checked rather a great deal of various YouTube tools, all guaranteeing to get you terrific outcomes and lots of views. Nevertheless, most have actually left me dissatisfied. Video Blaster is presently the only tool that has actually gotten me constant views.

The keyword finder, analysis and optimization features are behind most of the success I have actually enjoyed on YouTube up until now. Consider it, most people on YouTube have no concept about keywords and enhancing your titles and descriptions. They either depend on luck, or having huge fan bases and followings to get any success from YouTube.

With VidSting Pro, you do not require any fans or luck. You're simply making the most of YouTube's algorithms to show them that your video is best for the picked keywords. Which gives you such a massive advantage over the competitors ... it's almost unreasonable.

YouTube results after utilizing VidSting pt 1

It must've had to do with 3-4 days after submitting the video that I struck the # 1 area in YouTube for the picked keyword. It's simply an embarassment that the video sucks.

YouTube Outcomes after utilizing VIDSTING pt 2

You will not simply rank for your selected keyword. However, also a variety of related keywords too. Likewise note the age of the other videos. They say, the older a video is, the harder it is to outrank. Yet with VidSting, I had the ability to outrank these much older videos in just days.

Having said all that, Video Blaster Pro isn't ideal. Just like with whatever out there, it does have its defects.

Keep reading ...

It's not exactly an offer breaker, and not a factor for me to think twice fully suggesting it. However, it's still a defect you should be aware of ...

The projected views can be off often. For the a lot of part, VidSting is pretty good at offering you a ballpark figure for the quantity of views you can get for a given keyword. Nevertheless, sometimes it's off by a country mile.

This isn't too big of an issue, because every video I have actually ranked utilizing VidSting Pro has actually drawn in views.

With that out the way, I wished to let you know that I've managed to hook you up with a massive discount on VidSting.


VidSting Pro also includes an integrated rank tracker, so you can keep an eye on all your videos positions in YouTube for different keywords. I don't use the rank tracker because I have other tools specifically for keeping an eye on positions so I can't discuss it.

Verdict: Is VidSting Worth it?

I definitely suggest VidSting Pro to any person who wants to enjoy a clear benefit over most YouTubers, even if you're simply starting out.

That's because VidSting takes care of all the heavy lifting by discovering and evaluating the very best keywords for your videos, and optimizing them so that you can rapidly and easily control YouTube for a nearly unlimited supply of views. And most significantly, it gets you results.

I hope you have actually found this VidSting Pro Review handy.

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