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Does Covert Curator Work

Covert Curator WordPress Theme Review -- More Than Just a Magazine Theme

Covert Curator is an WordPress motif that has been created for producing sites, news sites, and magazines that are internet. However, recently website demos are added into Covert Curator that pay a larger selection of endeavors.

So you're in the process of starting a new site, or if you're looking for a new theme on your website, this Covert Curator WordPress theme review will help you determine if this will be the very best solution for your endeavor.

This theme does have a strong focus on providing you a lot of choices each time you publish a new article on your website, as well as making it as easy as possible for the visitors to get the most pertinent content. Because we will cover in this critique, Covert Curator includes a choice of characteristics that make it a good alternative for a range of various kinds of websites.

So let's start this Covert Curator review with a fast overview of the subject, prior to checking out its attributes.

Covert Curator WordPress Theme Overview

This is an perfect choice for anybody developing a website as covered in the intro for the Covert Curator WordPress theme inspection. From sites and news sites to internet magazines and review sites, Covert Curator is packed full of demos and characteristics to provide you with everything need to get outside and started.

However, after recent upgrades, Covert Curator currently has several new demos that can be used to get a larger selection of sites. Including demos for dinner, app, wellbeing, and services websites to name just a few, making Covert Curator a really multipurpose WordPress theme. There is also very good service too, for people who wish to monetize their site by purchasing digital or physical products online.

However, before we dive into the features of this theme, Here Is a Fast overview of the main reasons to think about Covert Curator to your website:

An impressive choice of content and site demos templates.

Fully customizable via an interface that is intuitive admin.

Selection of premium WordPress plugins included at no extra price.

A massive user base of site owners that are joyful .

As stated, Covert Curator isn't a WordPress theme. That's certainly not to say this isn't a fully up to date WordPress and modern motif. Although this motif premiered in 2013, it has been regularly updated through time, with the last update coming just a couple days back (at the time of writing this review).

Covert Curator Stats ThemeForest

So in the event that you have some reservations about choosing a theme that has been around for a while, these concerns shouldn't apply to Covert Curator.

The designs have been built to the latest criteria, while the feature list compares with the themes available elsewhere as you'll see later on in this Covert Curator theme review. In actuality, choosing such a motif that is well-established has many advantages. For starters, this motif has a proven history of being regularly upgraded that is highly likely to continue. Secondly, the volume of revenue need to guarantee that the developers can afford to encourage Covert Curator nicely. Thirdly, and perhaps above all, any bugs or problems that slip past the testing group will be immediately discovered by the massive user base and quickly fixed.

So with that out of the way, let's explore the best characteristics of the Covert Curator motif from the tagDiv team.

Covert Curator WordPress Theme Main Characteristics

The highlight of Covert Curator is its choice of pre-built website demos and large library of templates to the individual parts of content on your website. So with that in mind, let us explore some of the best demos that will assist you determine how your site could look should you choose this theme. Although because of the customization choices, even should you select one of these demos, you should not have any issue personalizing it to create a special WordPress site with Covert Curator.

Multi-Purpose Website Demos

As stated, because of current upgrades and the newest demos, Covert Curator can currently be thought of as a multipurpose WordPress theme. Formerly the demos in the Covert Curator motif package were assembled for creating blogs, magazines, and other content-focused sites. Now however, you can find demos for a variety of different projects, such as creating wine sites, dental studio websites, and online portfoliosto mention just a few.

Wide Array of Blog Demos

More Details:

Covert Curator Blog Demos

Besides this new multi-purpose site demos, Covert Curator nevertheless has plenty to offer magazine and bloggers site owners. By way of example, the selection of blog demos cover a diverse assortment of styles. Among the choices, you'll find designs for craft, fitness, food, and travel blogs, in addition to many more.

Varied Selection of Magazine Demos

If your site is more of a journal than a blog, Covert Curator includes plenty of convenient demos to your project too. In addition to the general-purpose default Covert Curator site demonstration, there are layouts for more specific kinds of content. A few of these demos contain designs for gadget, organization, music, and healthcare websites, and other options.

Magazine Demos

As all of the Covert Curator demos can be readily customized, even if there isn't a pre-built design that matches your job, then you have the option of customizing them to meet your requirements.

tagDiv Composer Custom Page Builder

One other terrific characteristic of the Covert Curator theme is your custom built tagDiv Composer page builder tool. Made by precisely exactly the identical team who made this particular theme, tagDiv Composer is a unique content editing tool for WordPress sites.

tagDiv Composer

Since tagDiv Composer was created with designing special content layouts for blogs, magazine sites, and brand new sites, in mind, it's a wonderful choice for ensuring your posts have strong visual appeal. This will not only help them grab the eye of your visitors but can also assist you to present your ideas into fresh and interesting ways.

Irrespective of which Covert Curator theme demonstration you pick for your site, you'll get access to this library of category templates. These templates offer you hundreds of possibilities for the way your content will be displayed in your website. Just pick the template you need to use to a class, then the articles from that category will be displayed using that template.

Category Page Template

It is possible to easily use multiple different category templates on exactly the identical site, helping give your website an engaging layout. As you may expect from a bestselling magazine WordPress motif, these category templates can be easily customized.

Multiple Special Post Templates

Covert Curator now has 35 informative article templates. As a result of this, each time you publish a new article of content onto your site, you may select from the library of templates that are fully modern. Because there's no 1 size fits all template for presenting a report, it's excellent to find that Covert Curator has so many designs to select from.

Furthermore, these templates may be quickly customized through the front editor to ensure your content looks perfect before you hit the publish button.

Smart List Builder

Publishing collections and lists on your site may be a wonderful way to draw in new readers and provide readily readable content to your everyday visitors. Fortunately, Covert Curator gets the capacity to create lists with its built-in functionality. Furthermore, you can use the tagDiv Cloud Library to navigate the library of sitemap templates to discover the ideal layouts for your record posts.

List Template

Whether you utilize the intelligent list generator feature or select one of the pre-built list templates, then you will have lots of choices for publishing this sort of content on your own site. From multi-page lists that require the consumer to click through the following item in the list to long single-page layouts, you ought to have the ability to locate the right template for your article for this subject.

List Article Template

Library of all Header Styles

To make certain you're in a position to get the navigation areas of your website only right, Covert Curator includes numerous header styles. The various designs provide you lots of choices for how your logo, menu, and other header elements are arranged.

Headers Layouts

The different header and footer designs are all obtained through the front-end user interface of the tagDiv Composer tool in addition to the Cloud Library Due to that, you also can preview them on your site without having to switch screens. Then when you've found the right one, it can be implemented to your site in just one click, without having to change views or alter windows.

tagDiv Cloud Library

If it comes to getting all the pre-built content that makes the Covert Curator motif from tagDiv, the Cloud Library will be the place to go. From the Cloud Library section of the WordPress dash, it is possible to see the enormous choice of templates which are readily available.

Picture: Covert Curator Theme Cloud Library

With over 400 templates to select from, spanning categories like category pages, author pages, and homepages, to name only a few, you are sure to have the ability to discover the layout. Each one these templates can be edited. Thanks to this, obtaining the designs looking exactly how you want them is not a Issue with this specific theme.Additional

Mobile First Templates

Another feature of the Covert Curator theme is the focus on catering to users. Covert Curator has a structure for small screen users. A variant of your site will be generated if you choose to allow this feature. With complete service for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, the tagDiv AMP plugin that is included in the theme package will ensure your website not only retains the search engines happy but also ensures that your visitors can quickly access your site and all of its articles, no matter what device they are using.

As part of this, mobile users may be seeing a resized version of your website. They'll have a highly user experience that's optimized for screen devices. Part of this functionality includes an cellular that is intuitive menu that makes it very simple to interact with your own content, regardless of the screen size in use. Your website content will look great something.

Smart Sidebars

With the Covert Curator theme, you have the option of creating several sidebars. After that you can use the smart sidebar operation to control when and where those sidebars have been exhibited. This provides you with the option of producing a sidebar with widgets linked to a specific category of content on your site. Then when there is a reader viewing a post from that category, its widgets along with the relevant sidebar are displayed.

Thanks to this characteristic, you could produce a sidebar with lots of content in its own widgets, such as adverts that are travel-related. When someone is reading a travel article, they will observe links, offers, and articles in the sidebar. This will boost the possibility of your audience participating with your site's sidebars, helping increase conversions.

You have the option of using the tacky sidebars characteristic when establishing your sidebars. This gives you the capability to keep one or more widgets screen, even when a visitor scrolls down the page. This feature can help promote those offers if you have widgets, like an advert screen or optin type.

Additional Covert Curator WordPress Theme Characteristics Theme Panel
  • The entire feature list is too long to pay in a review like this. To give you a quick overview of everything you can do for this particular subject, here are a few more of the highlights:
  • Ability to add counter widgets to your website.
  • Ability to display a weather widget.
  • Ability from Instagram with the custom widget to show photographs.
  • Ability to show the exchange rates from your selection of currencies in the sidebar location.
  • Ability to create custom picture galleries utilizing the purpose-built instrument.
  • Ability to display a news ticker in your site's header.
  • Library of helpful video tutorials covering this theme.

Those are simply some of the characteristics from the Covert Curator WordPress motif. By visiting the theme website, you can see the full list.

Covert Curator Pricing Information

Covert Curator is readily available for purchase from the ThemeForest market. $59 at the time of writing, the price, comprises half a year of support accessibility -- and life access to theme updates -- which are released. It's possible to extend the support period to 12 months by paying for an additional $17.63, some thing you may want to consider if you would like someone to turn to should any issues arise with your website beyond the initial six month period of access.

Considering the creative possibilities provided by this subject, as well as the features list, at full cost, Covert Curator represents value for money.

Covert Curator WordPress Theme Review Final Thoughts

If you're developing magazine website, news magazine or a blog , subsequently Covert Curator has everything you should need. However because of the collection of newly added website demos, Covert Curator can be utilized for a larger selection of jobs. Therefore Covert Curator is well worth contemplating.

It is not simply the pre-built website demos which assist Covert Curator stand out of the contest. The customization options are user friendly, ensuring anyone will have the ability to tailor this theme. The mobile-focused features are worth highlighting especially when thinking of the development in smartphone users.

It's true that there are themes that are multi-purpose along with great WordPress magazine out there already. When selecting a theme, it is important to choose one. The team has a solid track record of supporting this subject and releasing updates although there are no warranties. When picking a WordPress theme, a thing to take into consideration.

After analyzing Covert Curator, it is safe to say this subject lives around the marketing claims. So check the demos out, investigate the attribute list, and Covert Curator is, when they match your requirements.

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