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Kingsumo Review and Bonus

How I Used Viral Giveaways and KingSumo to Triple My Email List

Notice: This is a guest post from Sam, the creator of Money Nest -- a personal finance blog for millennials from the U.K. to make better financial decisions.

Having followed Noah for decades, I knew something...

To grow my business, I wanted to have more email subscribers quickly.

I searched for tools on the Internet to grow an email list... and that also I found Kingsumo to run viral giveaways

The result were EPIC:

TRIPLED my entire email list -- out of 360 to 1,005 subscribers -- in Seven Days
Had a Great side effect of getting hundreds of social followers
Got four new backlinks (which helped boost my SEO rating)

Much more affordable than other marketing methods!

That which I did with KingSumo was not magic. I didn't invest a lot of cash. And I did not have a major network to use.

Instead, I used a specific strategy it's possible to copy today.

If you want to get more email subscribers which turn into clients, subsequently viral giveaways would be the best way to go.

Here is how I employed KingSumo and viral giveaways to cultivate my email listing...

6 Steps to Use KingSumo to Boost Your Email List

Step 1: Locate the Perfect Prize to Attract Lots of Email Clients

Step 3: Concentrate on Building a Rock Solid Foundation for Development
Measure 4: Leverage Social Media for Societal Development (With Little Effort)
Step 5: The best way to Team Up Using The"Big Guns" to Grow Faster
Measure 6: Stay Organized (How To Get More Done in Less Time)

BONUS: Get the Best winning KingSumo checklist

Step 1: Locate the Great Prize to Attract Tons of Email Clients

No more iPads here!

One of the risks with giveaways is attracting freebie seekers who'll never read another email following your giveaway is finished.

My favourite strategy to reduce these freeloaders is to begin with a prize that's super tight to your niche.

For example...

If you run an eCommerce website, give away complimentary goods or Shopify programs
When You Have an online blog, give away an hour of your time to get a free appointment

You don't have to devote a good deal of money -- Noah managed to get 6,411 out of a recent giveaway he conducted for a Seth Godin book collection that just cost him $80.

Because I run into a personal finance blog targeted at 20 to 30-year-olds from the U.K., I went with personal finance books aimed at the U.K. marketplace.

KingSumo giveaway items

To pick the novels, I thought about that which I read within the last couple years, found my favorite, and achieved to the author using the instrument Hunter.

Here is an example email that I sent...

More Details:


I LOVED your publication. Read it a couple of times, my favourite part was where you shared information on negotiating a raise.

Speedy question...

I'm operating a giveaway for my own readers. Gonna promote to 1,000+ in my email and social stations.

Would be eager to give away your publication + connection to your website.



The author hooked me up with five complimentary copies so long as I linked to his site and novels about the giveaway page.

Plus, he added in five free copies of a friend's novel where he was recently featured.


Together with the 10 prizes chosen, it was time to move onto preparing the giveaway.

I didn't possess a specific new subscriber goal in mind, however, I did want to cultivate my list faster than traditional methods. And I wanted to grow my email listing to get more clients and subscribers to my enterprise.

Here's what I did:

Head over to the KingSumo website and enter your email address to begin your initial giveaway (completely FREE)

KingSumo giveaway homepage

After entering your email, you are going to be removed through naming and explaining your giveaway along with choosing the bonus entrances. As Soon as You've completed, hit Save at the bottom of the page (most issues can be replied around the KingSumo FAQ webpage )Giveaway installation

After inputting your general giveaway information, you will have the chance to input Bonus entrances to get your giveaway go viral. Which brings us to the next step.. .Bonus entries image

In Noah's movie on 2018's best marketing strategies, he highlights the benefit of building virality in your product.

Since KingSumo delivers pre-built virality by giving individuals more entries to talk about with their buddies... we're going to harness the hell out of the.

In the newest edition of KingSumo, contestants can gain additional entries by clicking on a custom link, after social networking webpages, or watching a YouTube video.

Use custom connection sharing

When you register to get KingSumo, you can configure your bonus entrances links from your giveaway installment page (below step two ).

New bonus entries view

The first thing I did was select"Click a Link", then head over to Share Link Generator.

Share Link Generator Social permit you to install custom messages from URLs, so when people share you may automatically add your own copy and hashtags.

That is way better than simply entering a typical Twitter profile connection -- instead, you get folks helping share the giveaway for you.

Because I wanted to really get these societal messages pumping, I utilized a cheeky hack my custom messaging...
Use Hashtags in custom share hyperlinks

I searched on for hot hashtags relating to giveaways and private finance.

Afterward , I went back to confer Link Generator and clicked my case message, which offered me the URL I could replicate into KingSumo...

Share Link Generator image

I went back into my own KingSumo Dashboard for the giveaway, and Prepare the next:

  • Add Extra Entry > Click a Link
  • Link URL: Click here to see the full URL
  • Link Text: Get 4 bonus entrances when you click on here in order to discuss the giveaway on Twitter!

Every time folks shared the giveaway on social networking, each post would acquire viral attention from users searching these hot hashtags.

Incentivise sharing

Now that my giveaway had been using custom link sharing and Twitter hashtags, the virality machine has been faked.

I just needed a means to reestablish it.

I began with just emailing the 360 people currently on my email list -- and discussing in my very own social stations to several hundred people.

Then, after a couple of days, I exported ALL my contestants.

I looked for anybody with only one entrance, aka they didn't share on social networking channels.

Bonus admissions for KingSumo

Next, I emailed these people individually guaranteeing a particular bundle of articles upgrades to help them improve their personal finances if they shared on at least two social networks.

I would keep track when they took action on my email and shared by looking at their entries.


Sam here, wanted to reach out personally.

Heads-up you are able to boost your odds to win the free personal finance publication.

You will get 12 additional bonus entrances if you'd do.

In addition, if you discuss on two networks, I will personally offer you a free gift of my best stuff in one PDF (value $49).

Just click on this link to discuss on Twitter: LINK

This link to share on Instagram: LINK

Allow me to know when you really are doing and I'll send over the PDF.


Step 4: Leverage Social Media for Viral Growth (With Little Effort)

When my social media machine began going with sharing in the backdrop, I wished to raise the leverage. I moved my focus to Facebook groups.

Facebook Groups

I'm a regular contributing member of 2 U.K.-based personal finance Facebook groups.

Neither had huge amounts, but were super busy and closely moderated and -- because I had been an active part of this community -- that they allow me to post my giveaway.

Be cautious to not just jump in and burst out links -- build a reputation over time. Here's a good example of one the articles I created:

Reddit (be cautious )

If you have to be mindful on Facebook, submitting a link on Reddit is like walking on a tightrope.

A lot of Reddit's user base came from Digg in response to Digg introducing ads -- so it is no surprise there is a natural hatred for many things that seem like ads.

But by being a regular contributing member of a few subreddits, I was able to push 89 contestants via Reddit.

Part of this was because of the prize being well respected and often mentioned in Reddit.

I posted in two subreddits where I was already a regular contributor (/ / r/ukpersonal fund & r/fireuk) and that I created the posts several days aside, whilst continuing to naturally contribute on both subreddits
I attempted to make the post look just like a natural conversation, rather than an advertisement

I kept an eye on the remarks, replying to everyone (more remarks generally drive more perspectives ).

Here's a good example of just one of the posts I created:

Giveaway websites

Although this can be a route to attract livelihood"compers" aka people who enter giveaways all day (yes, this is seriously a thing), I thought it had been worth a try.

Here is the CRAZY part...

Some of the places I thought will bring the worst subscribers actually helped.

I asked a buddy to article within a popular competition forum thread on my behalf. And it resulted in 92 contestants.

I still advise you to limit posting on giveaway sites, but when used sparingly it might do the job.
Facebook advertising

I had run a little ad in my first giveaway that drove 12 entrances, so I knew the possible Facebook advertising provided.

I conducted a split test advertisement campaign with just two simple creatives targeting...

  • Males in the UK
  • Between 20 and also 37-years-old
  • With an interest in investing

This is the audience that normally came onto my site (you're able to have a look at your Google Analytics Demographic Reporting to figure out this too ).

Here Is What my creative appeared like:

Money Nest giveaway

Based on Facebook's transformation preferences, I invested 45.12 to generate 509 connection clicks resulting in 14 new contestants.

Step 5: The best way to Team up With The"Big Guns" to Grow Faster

Utilizing the power of others with substantial followings, I was able to receive my giveaway in more areas. Here is how I did this.

Start with Different bloggers

If you wish to grow your giveaway, there's a whole lot of significance in reaching out to higher-trafficked sites.

Most individuals are reluctant to ask... but it is not as difficult (or frightening ) as you think.

I began by searching Google for hot U.K. personal finance blogs. Then, I copied and pasted the top 20 URLs into a majority domain authority checker, that then sorted by the highest domain authorities in Google Sheets.

Higher domain power means better position in Google, which gives me the opportunity to look on higher-trafficked pages.

Once I sorted with domain jurisdiction, I realized to each blogger asking them to share with their crowd. In return, I offered to market their articles on my societal stations.

Here's an example email I sent:


LOVE your website.

Lately read your post about unwanted hustling and it really made me believe. Found it especially interesting how many millennials are outsourcing today.

Quick question...

I am giving away 10 private finance books.

Would really like to explore putting this in a small place on your site.

Happy to market your articles on my social channels in return.



After I emailed, I kept a note at a Google Sheet of everyone I had emailed (and if I'd delivered a follow up message or never ).

If they said yes, then I would pass along a URL to my giveaway they could post on their site.

And if I did not listen right away, I shipped two follow-ups:

The first follow-up asked if they'd noticed the message
The next asked if they didn't need to feature the giveaway on their blog, if they'd share on Social Media instead.

That is a Robert Cialdini hack since smaller favors are considerably more likely to be accepted after an initial bigger favor.

I achieved to 37 sites and ended up a feature on three sites (and they shared heavily on social) -- along with a characteristic in a large sites newsletter.

To put it differently, 10 percent of those people I reached out to showcased me!

This was HUGE... generally most cold emails don't even get a 10% response rate.

Leverage the decoration

Combined, the 10 novels had finance tips and advice from 50 different experts.

A few of these experts boasted their particular crowds, so I searched to their contact details with Google along with Hunter.

Then, I reached out telling these folks I'd enjoyed reading their guidance (I did actually read the publication ) , describing the giveaway, and inquiring if they would share it on societal. And that I pre-built sharing links with Chat Link Generator back again.

Of the 50 authors, I managed to get in contact with 25.

From these 25, I have four societal shares. That is an achievement rate of 16 percent!

Here's a screenshot of a few of my exact outreach emails:

Organizing email from Samuel

Podcasts - from ears

I am a huge fan of podcasts, therefore after emailing the writers...

I opened iTunes to scan the personal finance podcasts on line
I reached out to podcasters and their guests (permitting them know about the giveaway and asking for a talk )

Ultimately, I followed-up twice

I emailed that a total of 13 people, which got me three social shares (like one influencer with 319k followers) and a guest article prospect.

Here's an exact screenshot of a email I sent to podcast hosts:

Example Tony email
Measure 6: Stay Organized (How to Get More Done in Less Time)

This may seem a bit cliché but staying forward organizationally was the single biggest win for me during this giveaway.

By lining up so far as you can beforehand, and creating a checklist, then I was able to have considerably more done.

KingSumo organization

I estimated the time it might take, noted that the order of that which I felt were the biggest wins, and indicated completed or not.

To arrange the advertising ahead of time, I used tools such as Twuffner, Facebook's built-in monitoring tool, and afterwards. This freed me up to focus on other regions (such as emailing influencers).
Be prepared to hustle

Following the strategy previously, what happened for the business?

First of all, running a prosperous giveaway was not easy.

I hand-cranked over 350 emails, failed a bunch, and spent lots of time getting everything coordinated.

But the results were worth it.

When I closed the giveaway just seven days after, here were the final outcome...

  • Tripled my email listing
  • Gained HUNDREDS of social followers
  • Got a few high-value links

If you wish to cultivate your business and get more clients, starting with building your email list would be the best way to go -- and KingSumo viral giveaways makes it easy.

Now go do the same for your company!

Sam Jefferies blogs in Money Nest, a personal finance blog on a mission to assist 20-30yr old's in the united kingdom make better financial choices.

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