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Interview with Andrew Hansen -- Co Founder of Digital Worth Academy

Andrew Hansen - Co Founder of Digital Worth Academy
Andrew Hansen is among the greatest super affiliates on earth...

He's an SEO expert from Australia...

He's the co founder of Digital Worth Academy along with his business partner Sara Young...

I did this interview with Andrew a day or two ago, and asked him to share his experience and tips to help all internet marketers especially new affiliates to obtain some benefits from his expertise...

Q1. Would you please tell us just a bit about your background and what led you to are a full time affiliate?

"I am probably unusual in the feeling that I did not have a"background".
I started making websites and running advertisements to them when I was 19 yrs of age. I was pretty much right from high school and I get very lucky after I had been introduced into a entrepreneurs who were attempting to sell things online.
I'm 32 now and also this has proven to function as livelihood. I've been making websites, doing affiliate marketing and selling things online since."
Q 2. How did you make money when you started affiliate marketing?

"In the beginning -- just like most affiliate marketers -- I started outselling supplements. From the one fat loss pill, also yet one hair loss cream were one of my first commission checks.

The mad thing is that I had been doing a version of what I do now: Produce articles, get it ranked in Google, etc.."
Q3. Which will be the biggest challenges you'd faced to become the success you are today?


"the net of now is nearly unrecognizable on the internet I started outside. A big challenge is consistently consistency. It's simple to own one success on the web, yet to keep a digital firm successful longterm way keeping on top of changes and being consistently ready to enhance your plans, even if they are"not broken".
Q4. How would you drive visitors to your affiliate sites or to your site of a Merchant that you're promoting?

"I am an search engine optimization guy. I do more face-book advertising now than previously, more P interest, and get more traffic from referrals. But good old fashioned Google is exactly what I have stuck to.

For other individuals though, the"just how to drive traffic" question is just one of potency to a small business model. There isn't any"best" way to drive traffic, only fantastic ways of getting the types of traffic which turn your traffic into revenue."
Q5. Apart from money, how has affiliate marketing influenced your lifestyle?

"I presume life style should be considered the prime benefit of doing work for yourself and running an electronic digital enterprise. If you want to make exactly the same amount of money every year, and never be responsible for the success or failure of a company, then the project with a good salary is an excellent thing.

If you should be OK with a few fluctuations, and also you're willing to sacrifice the time and money to get it off the ground, acquiring a company will signify you usually takes weeks off at the midst of the week. You can take 6 weeks holiday a year as opposed to 2. You may not answer to anyone. You'll be rewarded for your effort. That is a fairly great life "
Q 6. Just how has affiliate marketing online changed during the last few years, and how have you responded to those changes?

"Technology are the simple answer. Also rivalry. Internet affiliate marketing used to be mostly young guys in their own kitchens, currently you can find Fortune 500 companies monetizing with affiliate supplies.

You've got to be smarter and more strategic today. However you can find even greater opportunities. You will find more markets, more affiliate networks... more miniature corners of the web that enormous competitors do not bother to the touch , however that regular people can make a great surviving in.

On the tech front, I'm thinking of platforms. It doesn't pay to be a one trick pony anymore. Having a specialty in state face book advertising is fine, but if this means you understand absolutely nothing about SEO, then a rival may end up eating you."
Q7. What mistakes have you made out of your affiliate promotions/sites and exactly what can you have done otherwise?


"I figure I'm echoing a spot from previously here, however I understand I've been too slow to improve at certain things previously. I have dropped in the snare of feeling comfortable a plan works well, and maybe not watching attentively enough for the improvements which can be crucial to produce as a way to keep growing.

Now I am considerably more serious about looking ahead and looking for the very first one in my market analyzing a new technique instead of the previous one.

But that is among those hundreds of mistakes. Another significant one is the fact that I'm a huge fan of the"minimum workable" approach. You launch the minimum viable of one's site, a piece of articles, a promotional plan, and also you improve it with time and centered on results.

However, I have learned there are instances at which"minimum viable" doesn't serve youpersonally, and also for the sake of a big reward, you would have been better off building a big bet on something, committing more funds, carrying it out quite well, and being out in front of one's market because of it."
Q8. If you are to begin from scratch , what can you do with Digital Worth Academy?

"I would build one single web land and attempt to make it as valuable as you can. I have made close to 100 small sites through the last few years although it's been profitable, I must make an effort not to consider exactly how much more profitable it would have been had I committed all of the time and resources into one property."

You can download a free book from Andrew and Sara where they reveal the method they use and counsel internet affiliate marketers to make use of today.
Q9. Last but most certainly not the least, what exactly is the 1 information you can contribute affiliate beginners?

"Start from day one by thinking of what you're doing as a business. You are not playing on a laptop, attempting to gratify a couple bucks; You are starting an enterprise. It's going to take hard work and at least a tiny funding.

If you create a profit on your first month you are either really lucky or doing it wrong. However hard it seems, know that the reward is really actually a rare and prized gift: A lifetime lived on your own terms."
This could be the end of the interview, but Andrew has a surprise for you...

Andrew Hansen and Sara Young have only released a really inspirational (and valuable) publication, also for a brief time, they will have made it available for free...

I strongly advise that you catch this while it's still online. It shows an incredibly powerful"Case Study" and also The 5 Step"Digital Asset" Procedure they use to a make a living since superb affiliates.

Follow this link to catch your copy today.

When you download this PDF, you're likely to see a breakdown of this"Digital Asset" business version that got Andrew & Sara big results... and the 5 important steps they had to make it happen.

It's a completely free, nonetheless strategy-packed guide on what their site did, and the way it can be reproduced by ordinary folks that are willing to put the job in...

(yeah that"work" part is essential. No overnight wealth here).

Andrew & Sara aren't"taking advantage of a trend" and they haven't"worked out a hack" to making money.

They have been slowly shifting one core digital business version for 10 or more years, and as of how the web is changing, it's working better today than it has ever before.

Read the report and see if you're able to begin creating a"Digital Asset" your own, today!

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