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Should You Get Intelligynce

What's Intelligynce?

Intelligynce Platinum (formerly ShopySpy) is a potent cloud-based program to spy Shopify Stores and Amazon, Ebay and also Shopify products. It's possible to analyze 1000s of Shopify stores and services and products and filter the search results in many of strategies to locate services and products that are in-demand and actually selling.

You might even use Intelligynce to locate the supplier(s ) ) to your selected (dropship) products on AliExpress with just one click.

However, you'll probably choose the bonus desktop software Ali Inspector. With this software, you can't only source these products but in addition, it permits one to easily download product info (description, images, testimonials, etc.. ) directly from AliExpress you can upload to a Shopify store with just a couple of clicks.

Why is Intelligynce so special?

When it comes to conducting an internet shop, it may be hard to locate products that are winning.

In the event that you'll do your homework , it will simply take you days (or weeks) to find successful stores and high-selling services and products (if you'll see them at all).

With Intelligynce, you are going to know ahead of time what's selling by spying successful Shopify stores with real solutions and services that can sell at the moment.

Thus, no longer wasting money and time to manual research and analyzing new services and services.
More Details:
Main features of Intelligynce

Shopify Product Search to locate high-selling products.
Shopify Store Search to spy other Shopify stores.
Amazon Product Search.
Ebay Product Search.
Bookmarked Stores and Products to store favorite stores and services and products for effortless access after.

Shopify Product Search module information

Intelligynce Dashboard

It is possible to use this module to quickly search over 1 million products sold at Shopify stores.

You are able to filter down
-- Amount of daily Store traffic
-- Price Point of each store's best selling item
-- Face-book transformation pixel Y/N
-- Face-book page Y/N (sorted by quantity of enjoys )
-- Twitter profile Y/N (sorted by number of followers)
-- Insta-gram Profile
-- Money being used

For each product, you are able to browse through and see the product onto the original sales page.

To outline, the ideal module for finding high-selling services and products.

Shopify Store Search Module Particulars

Intelligynce Shopify Store Search Dashboard

Rather than trying to find individual products, with this module you can certainly search within 175,000 Shopify stores. For each shop you can see:

-- Web Site link
-- Number of visitors
-- Shopify ranking variables (daily visitors, worldwide position, country rank, and group rank)
-- Best selling merchandise price (selection criteria)
-- 5 most best selling products together with prices, pictures, and source links
-- Face-book Pixel code allowed Y/N
-- Last uploaded merchandise date
-- Used Shopify Themes, Apps and Shopify username
-- Store's Face-book webpage, Twitter feed, and Insta-gram Profile
-- Traffic & Advertising analytics as traffic amount from each nation, the traffic sources, the top referring websites, the very best destination sites, the organic and paid search keywords, social traffic amounts, display ad networks used, audience tendencies and similar sites.

To outline, the ideal module for spying successful Shopify stores.

This potent 3in1 AliExpress Product Research Desktop Software (for both PC and MAC) creates Niche Keywords, analyzes Bestsellers, and uncovers top-performing drop-ship products for your eCommerce Store in just minutes. You will Find these 3 tools:

Keyword Generator Tool to immediately generate thousands of highly targeted niche keywords.
Best Sellers Tool to test all of the best sellers on AliExpress in virtually any category to instantly find the very best selling products on the eCommerce shop.
Download Assets to Download AliExpress services and products (product images, product details and description on your personal pc with just one-click touse on your products) or Download Reviews for Shopify to a specially formatted import file for Shopify stores.

Watch the demo video on the webpage for a detailed walk through.

So by combining these 2 applications tools, you have everything you will have to spy on the competition, choose the best-selling services and products, choose the best suppliers to source your products out of, and also possess all the equipment to upload your own products in your own eCommerce store and start selling immediately.

(Let alone, every one of the marketing insights you're going to get out of spying on your"competition". You realize what other successful stores do, the social media and advertising strategies they utilize, the programs and topics they utilize, end longer...)

Are there any defects?

Since Intelligynce is an online application, you do not have any such thing to put in or download. It is possible to use the app from any (portable ) device with internet connection and browser. The data is hosted for you.

However, Intelligynce doesn't use a real-time API with Shopify. It has gathered all of the data into a huge database. Therefore, the computer software is super fast and user friendly.

Provided that the creators/sellers will update this database on a standard base this isn't any problem at all.

However, remember that you depend upon their own hosting and also on that whether or not they are going to update their database on a regular base or they usually don't.

The creator Bob Walker is well-known and a respected product creator with proven history and fantastic service team.

Therefore, I'm not quite fearful for lousy services.

Overall, I enjoy both software tools and they're worth your investment decision.

Thinking about buy Intelligynce?

Because it's the ideal tool for spying successful Shopify stores and to discover best-selling services and products in virtually any niche you want. This app helps you to help save hours of time and avoids losses by purchasing the wrong items. The Ali Inspector software completes Intelligynce perfectly and provides you with all of the tools to readily source your products and upload your own products to a store (product description, images, reviews etc.. ) )


It is possible to get access to Intelligynxe + Ali Inspector to get a yearly fee of $197.00.

Up Sells and OTOs

There are not any up sells or one-time supplies.

My Intelligynce Bonus

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