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Up date Jan 11th: Davorcoin is now at $ 9-5 and looks just like its only moving upward in here -- Get your Davor account. I also keep a updated list of the ICOs I'm linking on my Crypto Links Post as well

Latest DavorCoin Online Video showing my strategy and $2k Davorcoin Giveaway

Take a look at my Davorcoin video clip below that takes you via the entire stage and also my first $25,000 bank loan with them at which they're paying me 1.5% to 2 percent daily today.

Below is My first Review

Today's review looks in the latest ICO for a financing platform in the crypto currency space and this one is called DavorCoin. I've already been getting alot of questions on this so that I moved out to accomplish some research and throughout this DavorCoin Review I'll provide you all the advice I have along side my very own personal opinion and after that you may choose if DavorCoin is really a scam or another upcoming big item from your cryptocurrency committing space.

Official Site:
CEO: Julian something -- Interview with down him
Whitepaper: Yes about the website
Symbol: DAV

Results From Your Own DavorCoin Evaluation

Basically Davor Coin looks like another cryptocurrency lending system making use of their unique selling point been they have an arbitrage platfrom that I can't locate something else about along with their coin is also a hybrid coin which allows POW along with POS. I could touch on that point further down and chat about the way that it looks such as a branch of Peercoin fairly than an ERC20 token including a lot of other financing platforms these days.

It has appeared from nowhere while in the last week or two so that we don't really have all that information on these. Their road map suggest they started work with the idea back December 20-16 together with their block chain and also arbitrage system already been officially launched in October 2017. Support has really been rapid to reply to my early questions so the last ones that I asked was about this so once I receive answers I will add them here. They said they're open to a meeting with a number of those founders so I am also waiting around to find a answer about a time and date for this as that might be very interesting.

The biggest offering is that the Lending program at which you're able to make a month-to-month interest rare up to 48 percent by lending your coins back into the organization. All these really are diffrent options for this which are shown from the chart below

The also possess an option I haven't seen below called an optional capital lock boost which gives you a more impressive everyday interest bonus if you lock your mortgage for thirty -120 days longer.

This is based on the proof of stake component of this coin and basically you lock a certain amount of one's coins at a wallet you simply wont get and for that you just get more new coins. For the first calendar year that you purchase 10%per second year you purchase 8% and also the next year you purchase 5%.

People who follow could have noticed me talk about this with NEO in the past where you're able to earn GAS by holding your NEO coins in a NEO wallet.

For people interested in referring new members to the ICO or your financing stage once it launches then you can also make affiliate commissions which look reasonable and achievable for the enterprise to pay out. We have seen mad comp plans in the past of companies having to pay out 20 percent and 30% commissions which just isn't likely to do the job long duration so I am delighted to see smaller percentages over the DavorCoin affiliate program.

Who is the DavorCoin Founders

The trend with every one these ICOs at the second is that we can never verify who the owners actually are no one comes out and puts their encounter to the products. Davor Coin is kind of similar to this in people don't understand that the owners really are I was able to find an interview about YouTube involving Antonio Francesco and one of the owners going by the name of Julian. I also emailed support to ask some questions and acquired fast replies as properly that was a fantastic sign. Below is your DavorCoin CEO Julian's job interview that gives somewhat more advice on the business and their plans for the future.

Is Your DavorCoin Actual?

In my surprise that I was able to come across a GitHub account for Davorcoin with some files in it. I used ton't decide to try and download and then install them was only set on the 31st October and there is no official release but however, it was very fantastic into some GitHub repository. For anyone not familiar with GitHub this is a hosting service which is extremely popular with software devopers for sharing with their code and allowing collaboration.

This is getting interesting. .

Will DavorCoin be on an Exchange

They educate us about the site that they are planning to become on, and in December 2017 but until we see it with your own eyes all we might do is hold out for. If they truly do strike exchanges afterward and you have coins in the ICO then you are going to be pleased.

99% of these lending programs that people see anyplace are now scams. Is Davor Coin just another one among these scams that I really don't honestly know. Could it turned into the next Bitconnect of this crypto currency lending universe, it has potential and signs it could only time will tell. The fact that they give us proper information about the coin and I found the GitHub repository is all good signs.

They are starting on November 6th and they are selling 6m coins from the ICO. This 6m is going to be split right into 1.2m days a price of the coin will probably move up whenever new coins have been released.

Conclusion From DavorCoin Evaluate

I seen this first about a week ago and passed it off as another lending stage ad added it on some long list of those which I need to critique but after hearing more about it and doing my research it has peaked my interest. The fact which I seen an interview with the founder and also he has been replying to me in emails has granted me some hope because of this particular. I'm going to try and get some in the ICO as I've seen enough to see that this is much better than alot of their other financing platforms at the minute. Does that guarantee it's going to soon be a huge success, however within my honest opinion it has alot superior chance that alot of the crap we're seeing outside there.

Final Considered: For the reasons above I will attempt to get some when goes live from the ICO

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