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WP GDPR Fix Review and Bonus

Create your WordPress Blog "Compliant" Using Those 7 Vital GDPR Requirements

WP GDPR Fix Review and Bonus

WP GDPR Repair is simple and easy to use WordPress plugin that comes with 7 "fixes" to create your web sites more in accordance with GDPR requirements.

This tool is especially very important and a must have tool if you have a WordPress web site and website or clients visitors in the EU.

What's EU GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the main change in data privacy regulation in twenty decades. It really is a law in EU law on data privacy and protection for most individuals within europe. It also handles the export of personal data beyond the EU.

The GDPR aims primarily to offer control to taxpayers and residents over their personal data and also to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the law within the EU.

Fundamentally, if you're situated at the EU or you "offer services or products to, or monitor the behavior of, EU data subjects," that the GDPR will force one to be much more transparent about the types of personal data that you collect and everything you can do with it. What's more, prospects must offer their expressed consent for one to crop and then utilize that data.

This Regulation goes into impact Throughout the conclusion of the EU by May 25, 2018.

So what exactly are these 7 GDPR Fixes?

Cookie Consent. Automatically inform your visitors (via popup) about cookie use and has their consent.
T&C Acceptance. Generate a T&C Acceptance check box/button and (discretionary) force acceptance by users.
Privacy Policy. Generate a Privacy Policy check box/button and (optional) force acceptance from users.
Directly to Be Forgotten. Collect to be forgotten asks and automatically notify internet site owner/administrator.
Data accessibility.
Sends data breach notification to users (within 72 hours) as demanded by law.
Data Rectification. Collect data rectification ask and upgrade owners and administrator.

All above choices are optional. That means you're able to decide whether features you wish to use/install in your blog.

Watch the demo video:

Exist any shortcomings?

Well, all the features only act as shown or described in the demonstration video.

Having said that, to comply to GDPR it isn't sufficient to just install this plug in!

GDPR involves a lot more regulations. For instance, you have to plainly tell/explain what data you collect, for why, how long you'll save the data, and also what procedures you require to secure your data and whether you store data outside the EU.

Additional it all depends on what kind of data you collect and what kind of outside software and programs you are using. You've got your responsibility and can not hide behind outside providers.

Especially because if you've breached or broken any component of the underwriting package after initial sanctions, employers can be fined around $20 million (approximately $23.5 million 2500) roughly 4 percent of a company's global turnover, whichever is greaterthan

That is why I advise you to do your "homework" and accept this new law serious.

A fantastic place to start is Suzanne Dibble's Webinar Replay & Compliance Package.

Why You Need to purchase WP GDPR Fix

Because it's an easy to use plug in and good to start out to "mend" 7 GDPR requirements. Use the plugin to automatically create Cookie Consent opt-in boxes, force people to accept your Privacy Policy or Terms, and also to create a central page where people are able to request for: Data Access, Rectify Content, and Data Deletion (with email followup), or even in case of data partitioning to inform all of your WP users.

The plug in is extremely straightforward to use and you'll be able to get it for a very realistic price...

Pricing & Coupons of WP GDPR Fix Review

In this special launching, you can get WP GDPR Repair with Personal Usage Rights for just $17.00-$27.00.

If you're lucky, you need to use this discount code "gdprdiscount" for $5.00 off.

The cost for a single WordPress website is now $20.35 and for Unlimited Personal Websites at $22.35. But both prices will go up throughout setup up to $27.00. So, do not wait too long.

The deal has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Up Sells and OTOs

Notice: you have to obtain the principal frontend first before you are permitted to purchase some one of those up sells.

The first OTO may be that the possibility to get WP GDPR Repair Pro ($31.00-$37.00). With the Pro version, you'll get these extras:

GDPR Compliant Default Privacy Policy + Terms & Conditions. Both published by way of a certified solitude lawyer from EU.
The WP GDPR Fix Unsubscribe Feature. This can be an optout page in the event you're collecting leads from your blog.
JeetOptin, a GDPR compliant lead-option technique.

Now you install this plug in onto your own customers blogs.

Now you can enroll yourself as an affiliate and promote your most important front-end and receive 100% commissions (and 50% of any upsell).

But if you'd like to have more control, rebrand this plug in, sell the main front-end and Guru Upgrade for just about any price you desire, and maintain 100 percent of their proceeds, take a look at the 4th upsell, the WP GDPR Repair white-label All ($397.00).

You're going to get the Rights to alter the plugin and telephone your self the operator and programmer. Plus you will get the whole source code of this plug in for both Elite and Professional versions.

Hence a great bargain as many WordPress administrators continue to be looking for a simple plugin to "fix" their GDPR requirements.

Curious in additional software products with White Label Rights?

Have a look at my overview page with all pc software with White Tag or Resell Rights.

If you'll buy through my affiliate link (simply click on any link on this particular page), you are going to get these exclusive Bonuses.

And you'll get those Additional bonuses too:

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Bonus Two User Permit to Email Jeet Web Mailer
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Bonus 3 Re-seller License into FB Leads Discovery

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